C++ Primer Plus Chapter 4 Exercise 6

c plus plusFor exercise six we can copy and paste our previous code and simply make some minor adjustments to the source to complete exercise six. This time we declare our snack variable as an array of three, and initialize the member within braces. I went with my three favorite candy bars fir this one 🙂 I think the goal of this exercise was to show that we can have either one thing with relevant variables or we can create structs with many relevant member search their own variables. Here is my solution:

6. The CandyBar structure contains three members, as described in Programming Exercise
5. Write a program that creates an array of three CandyBar structures, initializes them to
values of your choice, and then displays the contents of each structure.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

// structure
struct candyBar
string brand;
double weight;
int calories;

int main()
// create three members to our struct
candyBar bar[3] =

cout << "The first bar variable holds: \n";
cout << bar[0].brand << "\n";
cout << bar[0].weight << " ounces \n";
cout << bar[0].calories << " calories \n";
cout << endl;

cout << "The second bar variable holds: \n";
cout << bar[1].brand << "\n";
cout << bar[1].weight << " ounces \n";
cout << bar[1].calories << " calories \n";
cout << endl;

cout << "The third bar variable holds: \n";
cout << bar[2].brand << "\n";
cout << bar[2].weight << " ounces \n";
cout << bar[2].calories << " calories \n";

return 0;


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