C++ Primer Plus Chapter 4 Exercise 8

c plus plus

Exercise 8 took a little finagling to make it ask for diameter first while outputting it second in order as the last program, without skipping over the name input. If you use some other methods for pointing to structs at the diameter input, you will see what I mean. I provided a few different methods of pointing to structs in this exercise. The “new” keyword was used as per directions to allocate memory for our structure. Alas, here is my solution:

Do Programming Exercise 7, but use new to allocate a structure instead of declaring a
structure variable. Also, have the program request the pizza diameter before it requests
the pizza company name.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

// pizza struct
struct pizza
string pizzaCompanyName;
int pizzaDiameter;
int pizzaWeight;

int main()

// "New" keyword used to allocate memory for the structure
pizza * pie = new pizza;

// Gather info
cout << "Enter the diameter of the pizza in inches: ";
(cin >> pie->pizzaDiameter).get(); // manipulate cin
cout << "Enter the name of the Pizza Company: ";
getline(cin, pie->pizzaCompanyName);
cout << "Enter the weight of the pizza in ounces: ";
cin >> (*pie).pizzaWeight; // Another method of pointing to a structure
cout << "\n";

// Output info
cout << "The pizza company name is: " << pie->pizzaCompanyName << endl;
cout << "The Diameter inches is: " << pie->pizzaDiameter << endl;
cout << "The weight in ounces is: " << pie->pizzaWeight << endl;

// Free memory used by our structure, important.
delete pie;

return 0;

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