C++ Primer Plus Chapter 6 Exercise 6

c plus plusExercise 6 has us working with more structs. This time we create a dynamically allocated array of structures. This sounds interesting but is not too difficult after you start putting code to compiler. Essentially, you create your array, declare variables that were mentioned int the text, use the “new” keyword to allow numDonors and our struct, then loop through patrons and their amounts. See my source below for a more clear explanation:

6. Put together a program that keeps track of monetary contributions to the Society for the
Preservation of Rightful Influence. It should ask the user to enter the number of contributors
and then solicit the user to enter the name and contribution of each contributor.
The information should be stored in a dynamically allocated array of structures. Each
structure should have two members: a character array (or else a string object) to store
the name and a double member to hold the amount of the contribution. After reading
all the data, the program should display the names and amounts donated for all donors
who contributed $10,000 or more. This list should be headed by the label Grand
Patrons. After that, the program should list the remaining donors. That list should be
headed Patrons. If there are no donors in one of the categories, the program should print
the word “none.” Aside from displaying two categories, the program need do no sorting.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>

using namespace std;

struct contrib{
string name;
double amount;

int main()
int numDonors = 0;
int patrons = 0;
int grandPatrons = 0;

cout << "Society for the Preservation of Rightful Influence" << "\n\n";

cout << "Enter number of contributors: ";
cin >> numDonors;
cout << "\n";

contrib *society = new contrib[numDonors];

// Gather names and amounts
for(int i = 0; i < numDonors; i++)
cout << "Enter the name of the contributor: ";
cin >> society[i].name;
cout << "Enter the contribution anount: ";
cin >> society[i].amount;

cout << "\n";
// Display donors over 10000
cout << "Grand Patrons: \n";
for(int x = 0; x < numDonors; x++)
if(society[x].amount >= 10000)
cout << society[x].name << " Donated: "
<< "$ " << society[x].amount << "\n";
grandPatrons = 1;
if(grandPatrons == 0)
cout << "none\n";

cout << "\n";

// Display all other patrons
cout << "Patrons list: \n";
for(int y = 0; y < numDonors; y++)
if(society[y].amount < 10000)
cout << society[y].name << " Donated: "
<< "$ " << society[y].amount << "\n";
patrons = 1;
if(patrons == 0)
cout << "none\n";

// free memory
delete [] society;

return 0;

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