OverTheWire Leviathan Wargame Solution 1

Leviathan 1 presents us with a binary in our home directory.  If we run it we see that is a utility that ask and checks for a password. Knowing this, the binary is either reading the correct password from somewhere else or has it stored within the binary. In this case, the password is stored within the binary. We need to trace the binary. Many of you might catch the small hint to the movie Hackers within the binary. When Plague states the 4 most common passwords are love, sex, secret, and god.

Leviathan 1->2

leviathan1@melissa:~$ ls

#Let's run the binary to see how it functions:

leviathan1@melissa:~$ ./check
password: love
Wrong password, Good Bye ...

#Now let's try to see what functions it is calling:

leviathan1@melissa:~$ ltrace ./check
__libc_start_main(0x80484d4, 1, -10220, 0x80485a0, 0x8048600 <unfinished ...>
printf("password: ")                             = 10
getchar(0x8048660, 0x8049ff4, -10392, 0x80485b9, 0xf7ea2c3dpassword: love
) = 108
getchar(0x8048660, 0x8049ff4, -10392, 0x80485b9, 0xf7ea2c3d) = 111
getchar(0x8048660, 0x8049ff4, -10392, 0x80485b9, 0xf7ea2c3d) = 118
strcmp("lov", "sex")                             = -1
puts("Wrong password, Good Bye ..."Wrong password, Good Bye ...
)             = 29
+++ exited (status 0) +++

#We can see it is using strcmp() to check if an entered password is the same as it's stored string, "sex".
#Running the binary again we can now try entering "sex" as the password to test what will happen:

leviathan1@melissa:~$ ./check
password: sex
$ whoami

#A quick cat for the leviathan2's password and we are done here:

$ cat /etc/leviathan_pass/leviathan2

Alternate ways to solve this include running the strings command against the binary and hex dumping the binary.


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